Thursday, January 19, 2006


I just had the idea for this blog about a week ago, and every time I thought about it, I became more excited...the grand "opening" will be tomorrow! Of course, every journey starts at home, so I asked my Dutch mother to make a typical Dutch meal for this occasion.

Friday I will be having my first Nepalese meal at a friend's home. This will be a bit more of a novelty for me than the Dutch meal...I have no idea what Nepalese food is like! Maybe a bit like Indian food?

After each meal, I'll try to post as quickly as possible about how it was and add photos of my hosts and the food itself. Maybe recipes as well, if the meal seems to be something people can reproduce. But the idea behind the blog is really to make a "cultural trip" around the world here in the Netherlands. The meals are just the way I choose to make this trip...the means of transportation, so to say, and not the destination.

If you live in the Netherlands and would like to cook a meal for me that you enjoy making and eating yourself and that is typical for your culture, please post a comment with your contact details or email me


alvin cempron said...

blogger is so cool!!!!
i hope you'll be happy with blogger....
we just have the same feeling when i started blogger

Ms. Gradenko said...

Ei... this blog is a very good idea. I t is very interesting. I come from Catalonia and in one catalan tv TV3 there is a programme about catalan people around the world... in the netherlands as well. The second programme is quite the same your interesting blog. This programme is called Karakia and they show foreign people living in Catalonia and Catalan Countries and they do typical dishes from their places.


Good Luck!!

sandrazz said...

I read about your blog in the Volkskrant Magazine of yesterday. I really like this idea, and wish you lots of luck with finding your 80 meals, as this will be quite a lot. Of course enjoy, you will meet lots of interesting people and cultures.

Saudades said...

i'm going through an 'everything Portuguese' phase at the moment. i've got a cookery book...had better get cooking! :)

Gerrit said...

Just found your website after reading your message on a travel newsgroup.
Interesting idea.
In your Dutch meal you refer to chicory as being an English equivalent of andijvie. Problem is chicory is witlof. Maybe you could clean that up.
Good luck with your quest.

80meals said...

hey gerrit, just looked it up especially for you, and both witlof and andijvie are from the same family, that explains the confusion. see this link for more info about international vegetable names ;)

Anonymous said...

this is so inspiring ! i have only eaten in restaurants which have other countries' cuisine, but never like a homestay. hmm i want to start on my own food/culture quest too ! (: good luck !